SMT processing of solder paste considerations

- Dec 02, 2016-

1, solder paste ideal operating temperature of 25℃, relative humidity of 40~60%RH, such operations are most beneficial conditions for solder paste printing.

2, the storage temperature requirements for solder paste for 0~5℃, and called for stability, usually placed in the refrigerator.

When solder paste is used, do not open the packaging immediately after taking out from the refrigerator, to be in the working environment conditions or indoor temperature balancing temperature 1-2 hours after opening the package, to keep moisture in the paste to dry completely.

3, in order to maintain good printability, printing prior to mixing thoroughly, put into use again after about 5 minutes. because storage separation when solder paste, a larger proportion in the solder paste solder powder and flux of lighter weight, additives and solvent mixtures separation.

4, storage life, it is normally valid for 3 months. At the time of purchase do not buy too much at once.

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