Component Layout

- Sep 18, 2016-

PCB Board in the process layout of the system finished, review of the PCB, see system layout is reasonable, whether we can achieve the best results. Usually can be studied from the following several aspects:
1. system layout ensure wiring is reasonable or the best, if we can ensure a reliable wiring, can guarantee the reliability of the circuit. At layout time needed to signal trends and overall understanding and planning of power and ground networks.
2. PCB size conforms to manufacturing drawings, can meet the PCB manufacturing process requirements, there is no marker. This requires special attention, many circuit PCB Board layout and wiring are beautifully designed, reasonable, but neglect the pinpoint positioning connectors, led to the design of the circuit cannot be docking and other circuits.
3. elements in two-dimension, three-dimension space, there is no conflict. Note that the actual size of the device, especially the height of the device. In welding from the layout of components, generally cannot be more than 3mm.
4. component layout density and orderly, neat, all finished. Components layout when not only signal to signal types, and areas in need of attention or protection, but also the overall density of the device layout, spacing evenly.
5. required regular replacement of components can be easily replaced, Board insertion equipment is available. Should ensure regular replacement of components replace and plug convenience and reliability.
6. layout of the RF to pay special attention to avoid RF interference to other components, isolation must be done.

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