Double Layer PCB It Means Double-sided Copper

- May 25, 2017-

Double Layer PCB refers to double-sided copper

Double Layer PCB, refers to the double-sided copper, and a metal hole, that is, double-sided copper, and there are copper inside the hole, for the circuit board double-sided, the hole is particularly important copper, because the earliest, The most difficult is the hole in the copper (how in the copper wall of copper without copper), this is the distinction between the double-sided, single-sided the most important basis.But the double-sided, but both sides of the copper, but the hole did not Copper, so that there is no copper hole, but the double side of the pain of the circuit board, called false double panel, looks double panel, the actual and double-sided is different!

Double Layer PCB on both sides of this circuit board are wiring, but to use the two sides of the wire, must be between the two sides have the appropriate circuit connection Caixing. The "bridge" between such circuits is called a guide hole. The guide hole is in the pcb, filled with or coated with metal holes, it can be connected with the two sides of the wire. Because the area of the double panel is twice as large as that of the single panel, the double panel solves the difficulty of interleaving in a single panel (which can pass through the hole to the other), which is more suitable for use on circuits that are more complex than a single panel.

Double Layer PCB design steps

1, prepare the circuit schematic

2, create a new pcb file and load the component package library

3, planning circuit board

4, into the network table and components

5, automatic component layout

6, layout adjustment

7, network density analysis

8, wiring rules set

9, automatic routing

10, manually adjust the wiring

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