Effects Of Lead-free Solder Paste Welding Conditions:

- Dec 02, 2016-

1, and no lead Tin cream solder to has good of wetting sex; general situation Xia again flow welding Shi solder in liquid phase line above stay of time for 30-90 seconds, Crest welding Shi was welding tube feet and the circuit board base board surface and Tin liquid Crest contact of time for 4 seconds around, using no lead Tin cream yihou, to guarantee in above time range within solder can performance out good of wetting performance, to guarantee quality of welding effect.

2, and no lead Tin cream of melting point to low, as to close 63/37 tin lead alloy of total Crystal temperature 183 ℃, if new products of total Crystal temperature only high out 183 ℃ several times should not is big problem; addition in development out has lower total Crystal temperature of no lead Tin cream solder yiqian, should as put no lead solder of melting interval temperature drop down, that as reduced its solid line and liquid phase line Zhijian of temperature interval, solid line temperature minimum for 1500C, liquid phase line temperature depending on specific application and set ( Wave soldering using SN: 265 deg; wire: 375 deg; SMT solder paste: 250 ℃, usually require reflow soldering temperature should be lower than 225~230℃).

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