How To Determine The Quality Of Rigid PCB Circuit Board Ink

- Aug 16, 2017-

  How to determine the quality of Rigid PCB circuit board ink

  We produce circuit board manufacturers usually use a lot of ink, which is essential for our production Rigid PCB circuit board, then how do we judge Rigid PCB circuit board ink is good or bad, and today we come to talk with you , And the quality of the circuit board is closely linked, I Division is specialized in producing Rigid PCB circuit board manufacturers, has access to a number of domestic and international product quality certification, the company now has CEM-1 material, aluminum plate material, FR-4 material, etc. Production equipment, welcomed the overwhelming majority of consumers come to consult the purchase) ink by the basic viscosity, plasticity, mobility and a series of elements, and the embodiment of excellence in addition, the need to consider whether the formula is scientific, environmentally friendly, specific can be summarized For the following:


  Is the dynamic viscosity (dynamicviscosity) for short. Generally indicated by the viscosity, that is, the shear stress of the fluid flow divided by the velocity gradient in the flow direction, the international unit is Pa / s (Pa.S) or mPa · s (mPa.S). In Rigid PCB production is the ink by the external force to promote the mobility.


  Refers to the role of ink by external force deformation, still maintain its pre-deformation of the nature. The plasticity of ink is beneficial to improve the printing precision.


  Ink in the standing when the gelatinous, and by the viscosity of a change in the nature of a change, also known as shaking, anti-sagging;


  (Leveling) ink in the external force, to the extent of the expansion around. The degree of fluidity is the reciprocal of viscosity, and the degree of fluidity is related to the plasticity and thixotropy of the ink. Plasticity and thixotropy large, mobility is large; mobility is easy to expand the imprint. (Division I is a professional manufacturer of Rigid PCB circuit board manufacturers, has access to a number of product quality certification at home and abroad, the company now has CEM-1 material (hereinafter referred to as CEM-1 material), the company has a large number of products, , Aluminum plate material, FR-4 materials, such as the joint production equipment, welcomed the overwhelming majority of consumers come to consult the purchase)


  Refers to the ink in the scraper after the scraping, the shear fracture of the ink quickly rebound performance. Requiring ink deformation speed, rapid rebound in the ink can be conducive to printing;


  The need for ink in the screen on the dry as soon as possible, and hope that the ink transferred to the substrate after the request, the faster the better;


  Pigment and solid material particle size, Rigid PCB ink is generally less than 10μm, the size of the fineness should be less than one-third of the opening degree of the mesh;


  When the ink is used to pick up the ink, the degree of filamentation of the filamentous ink is not known as drawing. Ink long, in the ink surface and the printing surface there are many filaments, so that the substrate and the printing plate dirty, or even can not print;

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