How To Do Rigid PCB Circuit Board Printing Work

- Aug 16, 2017-

  How to do Rigid PCB circuit board printing work

  How to do a good job Rigid PCB circuit board printing work, we in the daily production process for a printed circuit board Rigid PCB also has a lot of their own unique insights, each manufacturer's production methods will have more or less differences, And even if the content is also very high, we put all the Rigid PCB circuit board manufacturers in the technology and certainly be able to emit more technical energy.

  Rigid PCB circuit board of various types, with the continuous development of electronic technology, the circuit board from the original large volume, and gradually to the ultra-thin development, intuitive, mini is the development trend of Rigid PCB circuit board, which has a mass production Significant significance, but also can play an optimization function, is imperative development. So what exactly is the self-made circuit board?

  First, saw the appropriate size of the copper plate. Clean the copper oxide on the surface of the oxide and grease. You can use water sand skin gently rub, or scrub with a decontamination powder can also be used to scrub the toothpaste, until you see Huang Chengcheng copper foil so far.

  Second, first in the paper according to the circuit requirements to draw a good printed circuit diagram, and then copy the paper to the copper foil. You can also draw directly on the copper foil with a pencil, draw the lines to light, fine some. With a small brush dipped in colored paint, along the copper foil on the line carefully depicted. Line thickness appropriate, should not be connected can not have paint. After the paint is dry, with a double-sided knife or other blade very thin knife, carefully modify the line, can not touch the needs of the paint, so that the line smooth and beautiful, uniform thickness, and check the original circuit to check whether the error.

  Third, take a glass or enamel container, the size determined by the size of the circuit board. In the container into the solid iron trichloride, add water to iron trichloride dissolved in iron oxide solution, the preparation of the general concentration of the color, close to the dark brown can be a. The amount of solution as long as you can immerse the circuit board can be. Brush with a soft brush brush copper foil surface, can make corrosion faster, but can not touch the paint, after a period of time, painted copper foil was painted down, the rest of the ferric chloride solution corrosion The. This is the Rigid PCB single-sided circuit board commonly used.

  Fourth, the corrosion of a good circuit board rinse with water, with a fine sand skin will gently wipe the paint. You can also scrub with banana water. Wipe the water and drill with holes of about 1 mm in the corresponding position. Finally, the rosin dissolved in anhydrous alcohol made of welding protection agent, coated on the circuit board. Printed circuit board will be made.

  Homemade Rigid PCB circuit board is more than four steps, it seems not difficult, but you want to do or need to spend the mind. Only the constant innovation, to create a more refined and more powerful circuit board, in order to improve production efficiency, enhance the layout of the circuit board, while the development of the industry getting better and better.

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