Industry Trends Of PCB Materials

- Sep 18, 2016-

China's rapid development of PCB industry
Since reform and opening up, China in labor resources, markets, investment incentives, attracting a massive shift of the manufacturing industry in Europe and America, a large number of electronic products and the manufacturers set up factories in China, which led to the development of related industries, including PCB. According to CPCA statistics, in 2006 China's PCB output reached 130 million square meters, production value reached 12.1 billion dollars, accounting for 24.9% of global PCB output value, surpassing Japan to become the world's first. From 2000 to 2006 China's average annual growth rate of 20% the PCB market, far more than the global average. The 2008 global financial crisis caused a huge impact to PCB industry but not catastrophic blow to Chinese PCB industry in national economic stimulus 2010 full recovery in PCB industry of China 2010 China PCB output value up to us $ 19.971 billion. Prismark calculated 2010-2015 China 8.1% a compound annual growth rate, higher than the global average growth rate of 5.4%.

Uneven regional distribution of industrial
China's PCB industry mainly in southern and Eastern China, combined to reach the country's 90%, industrial clustering effect. This major production base of China's electronics industry is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta-related.

Distribution of downstream applications of PCB industry in China
China's PCB industry and raw materials distribution as shown in the following figure. Consumer electronics the highest proportion, at 39%, followed by computers, 22%; communications 14%; industrial/medical instruments 14%; automotive 6%; defence and aerospace 5%.

Behind the world's advanced level of technology development
China already is the world's first industrial scale, but on the PCB industry overall technical level, still lags behind the world's advanced level. In the product structure, multilayer attracts the majority of production value proportion, but most is 8 levels of low-end products, HDI, FPC, etc have a certain size but on technical content with Japan gap with foreign advanced product, IC substrate of the highest technical content in the country is few companies are able to produce.

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