Ordinary Circuit Board And Multi-layer PCB Circuit Board How To Distinguish

- Aug 03, 2017-

  Ordinary circuit board and multi-layer PCB circuit board how to distinguish

  If you can see with the naked eye PCB circuit board and the usual PCB circuit board, then I will not say, PCB multilayer circuit boards and PCB double-sided circuit board appearance if not careful difference is not visible, because The appearance is basically the same, perhaps someone will ask! Multilayer circuit board is not a lot of layers? How to see that is a board ah? Quote is also relatively high so much.

  The number of layers of the original multi-layer circuit board is in the inner layer, 1-2 layer inspection 1 layer PCB single panel, 2 layer referred to as PCB double panel, 3-48 layer called PCB multilayer, the higher the number of layers High, because the inner line is to be pressed, the pressure of this process is not high technical content, the cost of the machine is relatively high, if you want to rent equipment manufacturers that day is 1000-5000 this offer, buy it At least 200 million - 1000 million! Those who buy not worth, after all, is a high-tech, follow-up repair must be difficult, technical content is equal to the cost, we all know, multi-layer circuit board quality requirements are very severe. In the former process scrapped a little bit so all pcs specification PIN are scrapped. If the process after the scrapped, and a little bit of abnormal quality, then the process is equal to the white dry.

  So how do we distinguish between a typical PCB double-sided or multi-layer PCB circuit board?

  1. The more layers, then the greater the thickness of the sheet metal;

  2.PCB double-sided board that is both ends of the line and ink;

  3.PCB double-sided pcb board is invisible line, is pure sheet, pure glass;

  4. If the board is die, then you can plug the board edge, so that the board smooth identification;

  5. Multi-layer PCB circuit board can see the vaguely shadow, a little dark, deep can see the line;

  6. Multi-layer PCB circuit board sheet material is usually the use of KB material, relatively smooth, especially in the molding process can be seen after cleaning;

  7. In the end how to distinguish between layers of layers, to accurate data, then only through the manufacturer's IM inspection may be developed engineers of the drawing board.

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