PCB Features

- Sep 18, 2016-

PCB will be more widely used because it has a lot of advantages, trichosanthes kirilowii is as follows.
High density. For decades, high density PCB with IC integration and installation technology for progress and development.
High reliability. Through a series of inspections, testing and aging test ensures that the PCB longer (use period, generally 20 years) and reliable work.
Can be designed. The PCB properties (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc) requirements can be achieved through design standardization, such as printed circuit board design, time is short, high efficiency.
Can be productive. The use of modern management, standardized size (volume) and automation of production and product quality consistent.
Testability. Set up a relatively complete test method, test standards, test equipment and instruments to detect and identify PCB products, such as eligibility and service life.
Can be assembled. Standardized Assembly PCB products both for the various components, and can be automated, large-scale production. Meanwhile, PCB and components assembled components can be assembled to form larger components, systems, until the machine.
Maintainability. Due to PCB and component sub-assemblies is to standardize the design and scale of production, thus, these parts are standardized. So once the system failure, can be replaced quickly, easily and flexibly, quickly restore service systems working. Of course, you can for example more. Such as miniaturization, light weight, high speed of transmission signals and so on.

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