Printed Circuit Board

- Sep 18, 2016-

PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the Chinese name for the printed circuit board, PCB for short, is one of the most important parts of the electronics industry. Almost every electronic device, from digital watches, calculators, computer, communications, electronics equipment, military weapon systems, with integrated circuits and other electronic components, electrical interconnection between them, printed circuit boards are used. Research of electronic products in a larger process, most basic success factor is the product of printed circuit board design, documentation and manufacturing. Printed circuit board design and manufacture quality directly affects the quality and cost of the product, even lead to business success.

Fold function:
After using printed circuit board in electronic equipment, due to the similar consistency of the printed circuit board, thus avoiding the manual wiring error, electronic components and can be automatically inserted or mount, automatic soldering, automatic, electronic equipment to ensure the quality, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, and ease of maintenance.

Folding development:
PCB development from single layer to double-sided, multilayer and flexible, and still keep their development trends. Due to the constantly developing to high precision, high density and high reliability, shrink volume, reduce costs, improve performance, makes printed circuit boards in electronic devices of the future development of the project, still retains its strong vitality.

Summarizes the future discusses basic printed circuit board manufacturing technology development trend is consistent, that is, to high density, high precision, fine pore size, fine wire, fine-pitch, high reliability, multi-layer, high speed, light weight, thin direction in production and to increase productivity, lower costs, reduce pollution and adapt to the development of multi variety and small batch production. Printed circuit technological development levels, generally on a printed circuit board line width, diameter, thickness/diameter ratio of representatives.

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