Rigid PCB Circuit Board How To Function Test

- Jul 21, 2017-

  Rigid PCB circuit board how to function test

  Rigid PCB circuit board in the entire manufacturing process, you need to understand its circuit design, production before and after the file editing and modification, the only way to produce the corresponding open mold data, drilling data, to meet the production process The Once the Rigid PCB circuit board is successfully generated, the need to pay attention to a lot of things. For example, Rigid PCB circuit board test is also we need to pay attention to the matter, the following detailed description of the following:

  Because Rigid PCB circuit board has a more intensive features, higher features, so throughout the testing process, it is full of challenges. So at this time in this environment need to do a serious design, to understand some thoughtful test methods with the appropriate tools is essential. So well prepared and careful screening of the matter can be achieved from the true sense of the multiplier effect.

  Today, Rigid PCB circuit board function test becomes more and more important. But it is the same with the online test, its technology development with the Rigid PCB circuit board design will be subject to some restrictions, which can go to overcome some difficulties. Only in the era of constant replacement, the test method is also facing one after another challenge. After all, Rigid PCB circuit board is also gradually changing the structure is more compact, speed up the pace and so on, so verify the overall functionality of the product, maintenance of calibration information is the test link can not be ignored.

  Rigid PCB circuit board in the testing process, the implementation of the test by the budget, production and product testing (UUT) design and other factors, and it is the end of the project can be measured in the end what impact, budget and production will be Limit the test of the project. In order for the test to get the highest possible fault coverage, the design stage must pay attention to the choice of components and Rigid PCB layout, unfortunately the actual situation is not always the case, eager to enter the market and intense development often disrupts your Wishful thinking.

  Here is a preliminary analysis of how to handle these "Rigid PCB circuit board" restrictions. Some of the concessions that have to be made for testing can affect the design, but make the test easier and improve the test failure coverage. Please note that the following questions and suggestions are not intended or addressed by each test engineer. Many of these issues will affect each other, so each question should be evaluated and applied flexibly when needed.

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