Rigid PCB Prices Are Made Up Of A Variety Of Factors

- Jun 13, 2017-

  Rigid PCB prices are made up of a variety of factors

  First, the rigid PCB used by the different materials caused by the diversity of the price

  To ordinary double-sided board, for example, the sheet is generally FR-4, CEM-3, thickness ranging from 0.6mm to 3.0mm, copper thickness from 1Oz to 3 Oz different, all of which in the sheet on a cause A huge price difference; in the solder resist ink, the ordinary hot oil and green light there is a certain price difference, and thus the different materials caused by the price of diversity.

  Second, the rigid PCB used in the production process caused by the diversity of the price

  Different production processes can cause different costs. Such as gold-plated plate and spray tin plate, the production of the shape of the gong (milling) board and beer (red) board, using silk screen lines and dry film lines will form a different cost, resulting in price diversity.

  Third, the rigid PCB itself is difficult to cause the price difference

  Even if the same material, the same process, but the difficulty of rigid PCB itself will cause different costs. Such as two kinds of circuit boards have 1000 holes, a plate aperture is greater than 0.6mm and another plate aperture are less than 0.6mm will form a different drilling costs; such as the two other circuit boards, but the line width Different, one is greater than 0.2mm, one is less than 0.2mm, will also cause different production costs, because the difficulty of large board scrap rate is high, the inevitable increase in costs, resulting in price diversity.

  Fourth, different customer requirements will also cause the price difference.

  The level of customer requirements will directly affect the yield of the mill, such as a board according to IPC-A-600E, class1 requirements of 98% pass rate, but according to class3 requirements may only 90% pass rate, resulting in different costs of the mill , And finally lead to changes in product prices.

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