Several Problems In Rigid PCB Circuit Board Welding

- Sep 27, 2017-

Several Problems in Rigid PCB Circuit Board Welding
1, the possible situation of landing low signal edge of the conversion rate
Meet the design standards at the same time try to choose slow devices, usually in the device selection time. And to prevent the use of different varieties of signal mixing, Rigid PCB due to the rapid transformation of the signal on the slow conversion of the signal potential crosstalk risk.
2, the use of shielding measures
Package will lead to increased wiring, circuit boards for high-speed signal to provide packet is an effective way to deal with crosstalk. but. So that the already limited wiring area more congestion. In addition, the ground shield to reach the desired destination line ground point spacing is critical, generally less than twice the length of the signal change. At the same time the ground will increase the signal transmission capacitance, so that the transmission line impedance increases, the signal along the slow.
3, a reasonable set of layers and wiring
Reduce the length of the parallel signal, Rigid PCB a reasonable set of wiring layer and wiring spacing. Reduce the pitch between the signal layer and the planar layer, increase the signal line spacing, and reduce the length of the parallel signal line (within the critical length range). These measures can effectively reduce crosstalk.
4, set up a different wiring layer
And set the plane layer, Rigid PCB set the different wiring for different rate of the wiring layer. But also a good way to deal with crosstalk.
5, impedance matching
But also can greatly reduce the amplitude of crosstalk. If the transmission line proximal or distal terminal impedance matches the transmission line impedance.
Circuit board use process, often appear off the pad, especially in the circuit board repair time, when using the soldering iron, very prone to the phenomenon of pad off, Rigid PCB circuit board in this article on the reasons for the fall off some of the pad Analysis, but also for the reasons to take appropriate countermeasures.

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