What Is The Main Reason That Affects The Thermal Conductivity Of Aluminum Based PCB?

- Jun 26, 2017-

  What is the main reason that affects the thermal conductivity of Aluminum Based PCB?

  The main influence factors of the thermal conductivity of Aluminum Based PCB are:

  1, metal substrates, such as you said is aluminum substrate, as well as copper substrates and ceramic substrates of these materials, but also aluminum base materials, copper substrates, ceramic substrates, are divided into many kinds, each of the thermal conductivity due to the different alloys.

  2, the copper layer of the line material, the copper layer of the line even the same copper, there are different because of the process, and different, for example, Aluminum Based PCB the copper layer of copper has the electrolytic copper to differentiate, the heat conduction is different, and the press machine has a rolling machine peace press, pressure out of the pressure and the impact of the difference.

  3, the thermal conductivity of glue, the better the insulation of glue, the worse the thermal conductivity, which is related, but glue is the bonding line of copper layer and thermal conductive substrate, Aluminum Based PCBso, the use of glue is very important. And when pressed, the activation of glue also has a big impact.

  4, the design of the circuit pad, solder disc design, heat conduction effect is different,Aluminum Based PCB this is more in-depth design.

  5, the hardness and toughness of the base material determines the plane degree of the whole plane after punching, which determines the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate installed on the heat sink.

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